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LEMURIA, MINA CANNAN and AILOUL: MMC new renewable energy projects

June 3 2024

Paving the way to IMO’s (International Maritime Organization’s) 2030 Blue Economy targets, and in its quest to support and invest in sustainable maritime renewable energy projects that once more reinforce MMC’s commitment to decarbonization, the latter continues its trajectory of growth and innovation by supporting the implementation of three projects: LEMURIA , MINA CANAAN and AILOULI. 

Developed by “Beirut International Marine Industry and Commerce”, a company based in Lebanon and specialized in the development of floating islands, fiberglass catamarans and fiberglass houses, all three ecological projects will surely contribute to building a green future and counteracting the pollutive ways of our present life. 

LEMURIA is a floating energy and transportation infrastructure designed to convert sea waters into green hydrogen that will be used to refuel the next generation of ships plying the world’s shipping lanes. In other words, LEMURIA is a floating hydrogen station anchored at sea that will surely contribute in reducing the ships’ emissions and dependance on fossil fuels. As for phase 1 of the project, it is FHP-III aquaculture and energy ready to be launched in 6 months’ time. 

Approved by several marine classification societies, LEMURIA will undeniably change the maritime sailing industry while providing all navigating ships with green carburant, after building futuristic floating supplying units scattered all over the globe’s maritime trade routes. 

From its part, MINA CANNAN is a zero-emission telescopic wing sail solar electrical hydrogen catamaran that uses hydrogen powered electric propulsion to sail 24/7 in complete silence and autonomy. MINA CANNAN, which means Phoenician harbor, is in fact equipped with a unique marine exploration auto-navigation system that helps select the best sailing routes while unveiling underwater hiding gems. Manufactured in Lebanon and chartered from Greece into the Mediterranean, the new green catamarans will indisputably occupy a primordial place in the future of yachting. 

As to AILOUL, it is a micro tourism concept, based on an innovative fiberglass habitat that is light weighted, insulated, durable and ecologically designed to install hut-to-hut experiences across remote coastal and mountain trails. 

Finally, let’s note that MMC Group Holding and “Beirut International Marine Industry and Commerce” are putting in place a consortium of many reputable companies specialized in green energy and marine engineering to launch the three projects in Greece.